Traveling to Clearwater Beach. Any good breweries?

So we are traveling to Clearwater Beach Florida next week and I’m wondering if there are any good places to grab a brew that anyone can suggest. I was thinking about possibly checking out Cigar City Brewpub but it appears to be an hour from Clearwater and not sure I can talk the wife into traveling that far for some beer. Maybe if the food is good enough I can talk her into it :slight_smile:

Any other places to check out?

My only suggestion be cigar city as you mentioned. The beer and food and great. Make a day out of it! ... us-brewery

This site has worked for me on the past when going on vacation!

Go to Ted’s Famous Smoked Fish north of St. Pete Beach. Only beer one on tap and it was Miller when we were there, but the smoked fish was amazing.

Matt, Brew bus Last Stop IPA is one of my current favorites. Very floral hops and I think it is as good as Cigar City Jai Alai or better( I believe they brew it at Cigar City?). Cigar City taproom is nice at the brewery, I have heard they have expanded since the last time I was there.

Ted Peters smoked Fish is a great stop. Just be careful to watch for bones in the smoked Mullet. :wink:

Sounds good. I was also thinking of checking out Keegans seafood grill. Not sure about the beer selection but the ratings of the place seem pretty good. Has anyone eaten there?

Well we just got back and it was a fun trip. Our first stop after landing was to the Cigar City brewpub. MY first beer was Jai Alai (when in Rome) and it did not disappoint. Great balance of malt and bitterness and a very good hap flavor and aroma. Second I tried Funeral Stripper (yeah that’s a real thing…) That one was very good. It’s an IPL with a very clean maltiness and the hop combo was very good!

After leaving that area we headed to Clearwater Beach and checked into the hotel The beer selection was a bit sparse around most of the local areas. I did enjoy a Jai Alai or two around the area as this seems to be the “go to” craft brew for most places that want to offer more than just BMC. So I “survived” on this. There was a place further down the way that offered a number of nice tequilas and had a GREAT tap selection but we were all pooped out at that point.

Overall a great trip but wasn’t high on the beer/food experiences of my life. It’s hard to find a bad seafood place in the area but I got fatigued on seafood pretty quick.

A new place is opening in Tarpon Springs called Silver King but never been there also Barley Mow in Clearwater. If you go again send me a PM and I’ll get in touch with my brothers for a better selection.