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Translating batches from small to large

I’ve been considering getting a few 1 gallon fermenters and doing test batches on a smaller scale. I was just curious if anyone has had success translating a small 1 gallon batch all the way up to 10 gallons or even commercially large batches. As long as you do sound math on the percentages of each ingredient do they tend to turn out the same or is there some things I should account for on the way up to a larger batch?

Efficiency can change a fair amount-our homebrew club did a big brew where we mashed on a 3 barrel system a a microbrewery and split the wort. There was some confusion with people trying to scale down the recipe. The scale recipe tool in beersmith makes it easy though.

You should be able to scale a recipe up or down to any size. But sometimes there is a little quirk that the end result is not quite the same. You will not know what the quirk is until you try the recipe.

Same holds true for food dishes.

You can scale up all ingredients according to percentages and it will come out real close if not identical to your smaller batches.

Thanks for the info everyone.

If you use the scaling function in Beersmith, note that you should not enable the option to “match original color, gravity and bitterness” if you want ingredient ratios to remain the same. You may preserve these specs with that option, but I think the beer is likely to taste different unless the changes are very minor.

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