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Transferring beer question

Hi all,
I just filled 3 tap-a-draft bottles today and a few hours later a friend asked for some bottles.
I took the beer from one tad-a-draft bottle and siphoned it into a bottling bucket and then filled 12 bottles. The beer is being naturally carbonated and was only in the tap-a-draft for about 4 or 5 hours.
Do you think it hurt the beer to transfer like this or do you think I will be fine?

I’m not sure how much CO2 the beer would take up in that time, I’m sure it would depend on actual vol’s and the temp as well as surface area exposed… but I doubt it matters.

Since beer normally takes 2 weeks to carbonate under forced pressure, I would guess that you should be quite fine. I doubt much CO2 got into the beer, and I would suspect that, at most, your beers will be a bit overcarbed.

Perhaps some of our gas scientists (if we have any of those around here?) would be able to chime in with more of the specific technical details, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Just be careful when you pour, and if possible store the beer in a closed, easy clean container while they carb, just in case.

Why do you think it would be over carbed? I used the same amount of priming sugar for a 5 gallon batch as I usually do when I bottle, the only difference was I put the beer in the tap-a-draft bottles then transferred one to bottles. But yes, they are in a safe place just in case lol.

I am sure you are fine. If I had a concern, it would be oxidation due to another transfer. As long as you used careful transfer skills (no splashing, etc) I think you will be fine. Even if you did splash a bit, I would guess you are still good.

I did something similar with a Tap-a-draft system and it worked great. Enjoy.

Cool, thanks. I hope it does turn out great.

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