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Transfering Strike Water

This is kind of a lame question but I figured I asked anyway. So I heat my strike water in my boilermaker. I then need to transfer it to my mashtun. I have a chugger pump that I could put my tubing in the top of the tun and pump away. It is possible to connect the tubing from the pump to the barb on the ball value in the mash tun (with a false bottom) and pump the water in that way. Is there any reason why I would or would not want to pump from the bottom?

I know this is a weird question, but with brewing you can get a different type of beer flavor if you mash at only a couple degrees higher or lower than what you want. So I figure I’d ask just to be safe.

Thanks in advance!

Pumping in to the bottom of your MT is perfectly good way to do it.

Thanks dsiets! Good to know!

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