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Just transfer a double imperial ipa to the keg a nice abv of 1009

Sounds like good attenuation. What yeast and what was your original gravity?

ABV of 1009% wow talk about rocket fuel

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Probably undrinkable.

“It’s like drinking Draino…sure it’ll clean you out but it will leave you hollow inside.”

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster anyone?

Did use kveik yeast this kind seems really to work for me temp wise. Today will brew with a w yeast smack pack . The orignal og for the double imperial ipa a avb of 1.075 . Now wait untill carbonation will be done . And next week sample time .

Duuh not bad just a 8.6% acourding calculations

Not bad a 8.6 % bit to high the grav the calculation did say 1.010 to 1.012 but hey what can i do will drink it says someone how got a fetish for absenth

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