Transfer to secondary question

First off I want to tell you that I am in the class of thought that most secondary transfers are not required. I prefer a longer primary>keg. But I currently have all my primaries filled and I want to brew this weekend.

I have an premium bitter @ about 1.048(will need to check my notes to confirm OG) at about ten days old. I need to move in to secondary to free up the primary. But I really don’t want to take it off the yeast cake this soon. I was thinking of transfering everything including the ENTIRE yeast cake.

Is this a bad idea. Should I do this, or for a beer at this gravity the ten days on the yeast cake is more than enough. It did finish fermenting in about 4 days.

Thoughts? rack entire contents to secondary or just the wort?

I would say leave the trub behind. If you transfer everything, you are just going to resuspend all the crap you don’t want and have to wait for it to settle out again. At this point there should either be enough yeast still in suspension to do any conditioning you are looking for, or the yeast have done everything you wanted them to do and have dropped out.

I would think that a 1.048 OG beer would be ready to keg after only 2 weeks. Don’t transfer the yeast cake. Just rack to a keg and you can leave it sit to condition in the keg if you want. Personally, I think it would even be ready to drink. And if not, sitting for a week or two, it will surely be ready.

yeah, 10 days for a 1.048? You should be good to go if you pitched a decent amount of healthy yeast (I’m thinking 1.048 you might even be good with just the vial/smack pack). At what temp did you ferment? Most ale strains have a high diacetyl peak during fermentation, but also reduce quite dramatically as well.

The other good thing is that this style does allow for some variability and isn’t the ‘cleanest’ beer in the world. You can have a touch of diacetyl (I would doubt you have any) and you are EXPECTED to have some esters.

My vote for you would be to stick this right in the keg, cold condition for a week or so if you want (could even do it while carbing), and serve it up.

Agreed on not transferring the yeast cake. It like has other weird proteins and other gunk that you don’t want in your beer ideally.

Last question: have you tasted it!? Does it taste green?

thanks. Will do.