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Transfer Pump

Hello. I am new here,and dearly need to find out why no one answers my question from Northern Brewer [ emails ],on where to purchase their Anti gravity transfer pump. I live in Canada,and their ordering page has no Canada offering?? Amazon has unavailable.
Any hoo nice forum,now I can read read read!!!

Welcome! I can’t respond to NB not answering your emails. They don’t really manage this forum as us mods do it. I do know they have posted things that due you the current crisis they are behind. IIRC though they do not ship internationally but I could be wrong. @nb_cs_tj any comments?

Thank you,I will see if they respond. darkgohan

Just a follow up loopie_beer. I did some checking and you are very probably right here. I will take a wait and see. Again I appreciate your reply dark…

Great forum with a lot of info here. Again welcome aboard and feel free to answer and ask as many questions you like!

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I have the issue as well. You got to create a usa shipping adress. From there ship to your adress. I do use. Amcar miami. They ship bulk and small. Package. Look at ezone.

Thanks for this info. Something to look into today. Cheers dark…

Lots of places you can buy pumps. I love my chugger pump. I believe amazon sells them.

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