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Town Hall Hope and King Scotch Ale

Getting ready to make this brew tomorrow. It calls for .25 of the Centennial Hops and the kit comes with a 1 oz packet. Should I put the whole packet in or just a quarter of it. Let me know if anyone has any experience with this extract kit.

Sounds like they want you to put a quarter of it in. Use a scale if you have one

1oz packets is the smallest unit of hops they sell. Put them in a freezer in a ziplock bag and you can save the rest for a future batch of IPA or pale ale as a late addition

sounds good, I will stick with the recipe and make estimate since I do not have a scale.

Yeah that beer is more about the malt flavor then the hops.

You’re going to love that beer. I brewed it up last year and it was awesome. :cheers:

Yes, stick to the recipe. I’ve brewed it twice and love it. Bottle some and let is sit for a few months. Age accentuates the maltiness even more.

I will do my best to let it age. If the beer tastes anything like the wort smelled, I am gonna love this beer. I appreciate all of the input and drink on.

Since you guys have made this one before, do you have any other recommendations for it.

My first recommendation is to drink it. Sorry, kidding.

I’ve done the AG kit twice. No problems with the mash or sparge. Make a yeast starter and oxygenate the wort the best you can. This will help achieve a clean, complete fermentation. Unlike scottish ale kits that use Scottish Ale yeast, which ferment more cleanly with temps in the 50s, I found this kit did just fine fermenting at warmer temps (low to mid-60s) with the American Ale yeast.

I keg, so most of the beer was force-carbonated and drank from the keg but a portion is bottled for additional conditioning. As mentioned previously, it changes with time and the maltiness is accentuated.

I’ve also brewed it with an additional 2 oz of peated malt. I know that peated malt was not traditionally used, but it was fun and turned out nice; even more complex. The smokiness subsides a little over time in the bottle.

Have fun and good luck.

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