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Tough brewing a kolsch

Tough day brewing today. The screen in the mash tun came off and to dump out the grain in another pot to put the screen back on. I did not see the two different ways of doing the mashing. I not did the resting, beta, alfa, and mash out. I did a double boiler for the beta, alfa, and mash out temps. I did not do use the hydrometer. I am going to get a false bottom and might look at making a different screen. Right now I use a stainless steal mesh screen on a ribbed coupling. The screen is not secured on the coupling, not sure what to use? First time using a coiled wort chiller today. WOW. I use to do an ice bath.

we’ve all had moments like this. Equipment failure is the worst though. I’m enjoying BrewInABag right now because it only me to blame.

The more you read and brew, the more you’ll hone your techniques and the equipment you need for your brew days.

Like @squeegeethree said, everybody has their moments, even very experienced brewers. Keep at it and enjoy the trip!

Most likely you will end up with a perfectly good brew and the pleasure of drinking it will make you forget the turmoil of making it.


I think we learn more from mistakes them not. I am going to get a few things ( false bottom, change the screen set up and sparge different).


It is very hard to learn from mistakes, when you don’t brew! :relaxed: Sneezles61

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