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Topping Off

What is normally used to top a carboy off? Sooner or later I am going to get to that point, and I know not to use something with sugar otherwise the fermentation will start again. So any recommendations would be appreciated.

I’ve started using fresh or frozen apple juice. The perfect choice. Sure, it contains a little sugar, but not any more than what you started with, right?

Thanks for the reply, I was leaning in the same direction as the apple juice. The space I will have to fill should be small and like you mentioned the amount of sugar will be nothing compared to what I put in it.

Like I said thanks for the reply. Have gained a foothold on my mistakes, most are from a lack of the right equipment as a new brewer. Well that is being solved as soon as my new shipment rolls in, I just received a new 6.5 acid carboy with the right bungs extra airlocks, blowoff hose and the short list goes on. I am not much of a beer drinker so I will try and become proficient at making hard cider.

Actually after I get the hang of this I may start making some apple wine who knows. I have a few friends like most of us who are as excited about my new hobby as myself. Except they would rather have a person to make it rather than make the investment themselves which could run into a few hundred dollars if not just a little more. That’s ok as I have a few close friends who are willing to help fund my hobby by purchasing as well as drinking my brew.

There is a lot of useful information out there just have to be persistent for what you are looking for and read it or watch the video over and over until you understand the concept of what they are saying. I am having fun right now, it’s kind of like fishing I don’t go expecting to catch fish I do it to relax. Same with this I don’t expect things to be perfect in the beginnings but I am still having a lot of fun. Experience with the right equipment will make me better.

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