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Topping Off

I am sure that this issue has been brought up before, but here goes. Is there any issue with doing a “double batch” 2x the grain, 2x the hops then topping off the concentrated wort with water?

I would like to do 10 gallons of NB’s Amber Ale tomorrow and do just that. I have a yeast cake from a previous amber that I will be kegging tomorrow and would like to split that and pour 2.5 gallons of concentrated wort on half then top off with 2.5 gallons of water 2 times so that I end up with 10 gallons and only one boil.

Please advise whether or not this is not just doable but what I might expect if I do. If anyone has experience doing this does it hurt the quality of the beer? Any difference?


You should be alright doing this. Many commercial breweries do it as well to help save time. Just make sure you account for the top off water in regards to the OG, IBU’s, etc.

You will need to up your hip usage as well. More than just double. Hop usage will go down under the higher gravity wort.

Thanks to the OP for inquiring about this – it’s something I’ve been considering, myself. Good to know.

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