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Topping off secondary?

I am just starting and using 1 gal kits for now. I want to try using a second 1 gal carboy after primary fermentation to help clarify and make it easier to transfer into bottles since there is so much sediment present in the original carboy. I have read on the forum to minimize the headspace in the secondary to limit the exposure to oxygen. I have also read about adding water to the wort prior to primary fermentation for the purpose of adjusting the initial gravity. I am not at that tech level yet, but wanted to know if it is ever acceptable to add a little water after transferring to the secondary to “top off” the carboy for the oxygen issue?

You probably don’t have to do a secondary for most beers, but if you do, there is enough CO2 in solution and residual yeast activity to push most of the air out of the top of the secondary and keep a layer of CO2 on top. It is OK to add some boiled and cooled water or some clean distilled water if you boiled off more than you expected and want to reduce your gravity a little.

If you top off the secondary, you will be diluting the beer.

I would not do it.

I’m a proponet of “secondaries” (I use quotes because its actually a bright tank) but would prob NOT use one for a 1gal batch. Every time you transfer you lose finished product. You get about 10 beers from 1gal and if you use a secondary you’ll get prob 8 which makes me think the trime to brew 8 beers isn’t worth it.

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