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Top cropping

How many do this? I’ve done this my last 2 brews… Seems to work quite well… I would think the yeast would be alot fresher, shouldn’t/wouldn’t have any contaminates… I’ve been keeping this cropped yeast in one of those SS water bottle… holds 26 oz… Just pull off perhaps 4 oz with my beer thief… Everything that is going to come in contact with the yeast is soaked in a bucket of star san… heck, I even scrub in with it too… Sneezles61

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I haven’t top cropped, only harvested from the bottom of the fermenter after racking the beer out. Sounds like a great idea to keep it cleaner. How do you get your mitts on it, dip it out with a ladle?

Find a wine thief… I call mine a beer thief… It gets used to pull samples for testing finished gravity… Sneezles61

Interesting… cropping yeast from a carboy 2012… worth a look… old post on NB… Sneezles61

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