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Top cropping help

I would like to do a series of top cropping. This week I aim to brew a session dark mild - 4.1% on Wednesday. On Friday I want to do a session pale ale 4.2% On Sunday if everything goes well I would like to squeeze in a chocolate almond ale at 5.8%. I would like to give top cropping a try so I could top crop and drop into the fermenters at the 48 hour mark for all three. I will be using WLP001. I have read to ditch the first skim at the 24 hour mark and then harvest the 48 hour or 50% attenuated mark. I think all that I can feel out and put my brand new refractometer to use. I’m just unsure how much volume of top crop I should collect?
Beer SG

  1. 1.040
  2. 1.039
  3. 1.052

Can I collect enough top crop from one alone to do a 1.052 beer? Would I be better off making a starter large enough to split between both low gravity beers then harvest yeast from both into the 1.052? Thanks.

I will be using WLP008 East cost ale now. My not so local homebrew store was sold out of 1056 and 001 and 007. Be ordering yeast from Northerbrewer again when the temperature is stable.

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