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Top Cropped Some 1272, Now What?

The background/facts:

NB Black IPA Extract Kit. Wyeast 1272 - 1.8 L starter; intermittent shake.

5/18 - Pitched at about 76 or so. Maybe as high as 78. A bit high.

Swamp cooled and fermented at around 64, never above 66 after getting temp down.

5/24 Gravity - 1.0244 (corrected for 60 degrees).

Fermentation never crazy. Blow off tube not needed.

5/25 - pulled from swamp cooler and top cropped yeast. Put into flask with 1L with 100 g DME. All boiled; sanitized, etc. Put on counter and left for a few days. Ambient temp probably reached 78 degrees.

5/27 1.0244, corrected for 60 degrees. Moved from basement to upstairs (room temp about 74 degrees). Hoping to get gravity to 1.020 or below.

Today, 5/28 - Nice amount of yeast settled in bottom. In fridge now.

It looks like there is about 50 - 75 ml slurry under the wort in the flask.

Lets assume that I brew NB’s Dead Ringer in 2 weeks. 1.064 OG.

As this is my first time trying to re-pitch yeast, and given that it will be about three weeks since harvesting, should I do a starter? Or, should I just pitch the slurry? It seems that making a starter can’t be a bad thing - confirm that yeast still viable and it is difficult to over pitch.

Also, is it okay that I top cropped off a fairly high gravity wort?

Should I just toss the yeast and start over for a lower gravity beer and harvest from there?

Thank you very much.

You probably need twice the yeast that you have. Make another 1.5L (150g DME) and you’ll be golden.

Also, Mr. Malty has a pitch from slurry tab that can help you figure out how much harvested yeast to pitch.

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