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Took a while. But arived

took a while. But got my grain order. In. Haha 10 weeks ecxact. From miami to bonaire. Got my brewing salts. As well.


got my brewing salts as well to adjust my brew water. But hey wont do me no good this time. Got to wait. Untill flight start to arrive again so i can ship my water sample. To. Wardlabs. There is a way to ship true. Fedex. Or dhl. But shipping cost 140 dollar.

Wow @wilcolandzaat, that will set you up for. . .about a week of brewing with no work and no wife? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: On a serious note, any word on when your wife will be allowed to return home?


Just curious how do you know what brewing salts you need without your water report.

Found this interesting article from Aruba I’m sure their still using the steam method on Bonaire but you probably already know this

Right now i do nothing with the brew salts. Untill i got my. Water report. From ward labs. Got their. Test kit. But need to find a way to ship to the usa. No tourist and no. Flights. So me got to wait till normal life again. And give the water sample to a guest who will mail it for me once in the usa. The other way. Could be fedex or dhl. But thats way expensive.

Yeah thats a nice system. Think thats the idea. To do it here on bon as well. Plan is for new water plant.

Haha yes. Only thing to do. Brew. Dive. Drink beer. Got my self on a schedule. No drinking before. 4.30. Me going diving today. Look. For some lobster. Thurs day brew session. Me intrested. In brewing. Tasmanian devil. Our host does sell this. So me got all the grains. Hops. So brew day. Mmm my wife. Just spoke to her. She does not know yet. When she will be back. Bonaire start to bring. Stranded. People slowly back to the island. Klm. And avianca. Air. Did bring some people back. Can only be. 200 persons. Per. Time. They gonna be quartined. For 2 weeks. At buddy dive hotel. So wait and see when she comes back. For now me sit at home. Getting bored. No work till end of may i think. On the good note. Brew beer. Hang out with my fam. Gonna get wedness day. A new puppy dog. A american staford. Mix.

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I assume they are spiny lobster like here? Is there a season and limit on them. They don’t taste like cold water lobster but still tasty.

Yes spiny lobster. Sunday had more luck did find 1 lobster. Yesterday. Not so lucky. But still nice dive. Did see bunch of green turtles. Green morray. Their was not so much wind. So no high waves. We went way south of the island normal not so good to dive their. Due to entry water. With high waves. Its nice to have my brew partner on island. He loves to dive as well

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