Too tired to brew

been putting off this belgian IPA for weeks while scoring 12+ hours of overtime each week and now I finally have my first day off to brew and I’m too exhausted to get off the couch. :frowning:

Have a beer instead?

Headed down to the Green Dragon in a few. Great recommendation. Probably just going to end up being a morning brew session.

I can feel for ya! I’m on 12 hour shifts. 6A-6P or 6P-6A on a 35 day rotation. That puts the squirts to trying to plan a brew day. I have to plan a month in advance to order kits, make yeast starters and get everything ready. Then drop in a few days of O.T. along the way and it messes ya all up. When brew day arrives, sometimes I just don’t feel like brewing. Then I have to force myself to get started, but once started I’m ok.

I feel ya. I’m also hoping to brew a Belgian IPA in the next week or two. My brewing used to be restricted by lots of overtime. I miss the extra money, but the extra time is quite nice. It’s going to be progressively harder to brew as the cycling season begins and picks up.

I’m sanitizing equipment right now. There’s hope… but it’s slim.

And the crowd chants “Hoppenheimer, Hoppenheimer” :cheers:

Hope you got your batch in. Sometimes you just have to fit in a batch even though you don’t feel like it. I commonly work 52-56 hrs a week and still make time to brew. Not saying I don’t put off other things to fit it in, but I have to make time for a batch or two.

I feel you!
I work 60-70 hours a week, 6-7 days a week most of the time. That doesn’t leave much time to brew, but when I get one or two days free and I’m not exhausted, I brew multiple batches like a madman to make enough.
Hope you get to brew more!

I too work 12 hr. shifts rotating between nights and days every week. We get a “long break” once a month of 7 days off and I usually work a brew into that.

Ugh i know this feeling all too well. I have been doing my masters for the last year and a half, but thankfully I only have six months left! Freedom! shit i hope mel gibson doesn’t come after me for quoting him!

Thanks for all the encouragement guys! I’ve got the kettle on the boiler, hops measured out, and yeast in its starter as we speak. T-minus 60 mins. for wort chilling. :cheers: