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Too Sweet Cider

I finished my first cider (per a few previous posts) and used three cans of Seneca concentrate to backsweeten it when I kegged it. The FG was about 0.098, and dry as an in-law’s sense of humor.

It is SWEET. WAY too sweet for my palate. I have a couple of family members that like it, so that’s cool. Otherwise I would just dump it (yes, it’s that sweet-it’s undrinkable to me).

I can’t wait to try another round of cider, but I think I would try one can of Seneca to sweeten it, maybe even half a can.

There is the old saying that the solution to pollution is dilution, but I don’t know how to cut it to make it more palatable.

Can it be saved? Any suggestions out there?

You could cut it with a tart, unsweetened juice like cranberry, cherry, or pomegranate - an oz or two in a glass might be enough.

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