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Too old?

Hi all,

I’m a little concerned about the BVIP I brewed yesterday. I made a starter saturday morning from wyeast 1056 I had harvested in March 2012.

Its been in my fridge the whole time. I pulled it out Saturday, it smelled just fine so I figured it was OK make a starter.

Had it on the stirplate for about 36 hours. Pitched it into the BVIP yesterday afternoon and expected to see some activity this morning.

However, nothing at all in the airlock…not even a bubble. I ferment in buckets so I cant see inside.

Wondering if the yeast was too old and I rushed the starter. I have a packet of dry S-05 at home if it does not show anthing in the next day or so.

If I keep yeast in the fridge, what sort of limits do you guys put on your stash? Do you make starters to “freshen” older yeast and put them back in the fridge if you havent used in awhile?

Did you notice active fermentation in your starter?

Wow, misread the year in your post. I’m no yeast expert but I would be very surprised if there was any viable yeast cells left in yeast that is going on two years old.

Your liquid yeast is long dead. Pitch your pack of US-05 and call it good. US-05 is great for exactly this reason – it keeps for at least a couple of years, and probably much longer.

sorry folks…March 2013…not 2012.

Still too old? The separation in my starter was at least double the layering I say in the yeast cake I had in the pint jar from the fridge.

Sorry to say, I did not really inspect the starter more before I pitched it into the wort.

Quick update…

Pitched the s-05 I had “just in case” and its taken off like gangbusters.

Whew! Not a brew you want to slip away for sure.

makes mental note…7 months is too long to hold harvested yeast…


makes mental note…7 months is too long to hold harvested yeast…[/quote]

I reuse harvested yeast well over a year old all the time. But I give myself plenty of time to make proper starters and time to step them up, if needed.

I also carefully watch them to see if they are active in the starter stage

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