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too much yeast?

Is there such a thing? Example, just brewed a DIPA with roughly an OG of 1.086. And be cause I’m lazy I like dry yeast and used two packs(Danstar) with such a high OG. So now thinking down the road in a month or two, bottle bombs if two much yeast remains.

Yes, I’m a newb!

Legit concern or have I had too many Heavy Seas “The Big DIPA” tonight?

You did good. Big strong beers need double the yeast. You’re good.

Bottle bombs have nothing to do with too much yeast. Sugar that hasn’t finished fermenting or bacterial infection cause bottle bombs. Overpitching yeast is theoretically a potential problem, but isn’t likely on a homebrew scale. Should be the least of your worries.

All of this…

Good info here gentlemen. Thank you.

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