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Too much yeast in the kit?

I recently started a kit of Gruner Veltliner from CellarCraft and found they had included 2 packs of yeast. The directions were a bit ambiguous saying only to “Open yeast packages(s) and sprinkle over juice in fermenter.” I have never seen a kit with 2 yeast packages before, but I added the 2 packs that were included.

The fermentation began quickly and vigorously with rapid CO2 bubbling from the airlock. By day 3, the must actually bubbled up through the airlock and some flowed onto the top of the fermenter lid.

Now I am wondering if the second pack was not supposed to be there and that I might have added to much.

A) Is 2 packs of yeast too much?

B) If so is there any way to recover and fix this batch or is it going to be a loss??

Any help will be appreciated!


You are experiencing a vigorous fermentation. There is nothing to be concerned about. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with you.

Thanks for the replies. I will keep a close eye on the specific gravity and be sure the fermenting is complete before moving it ahead to stabilization.


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