Too much priming sugar

Just bottled a 10 gallon batch, but one of the fermenters only had 4 gallons in it…but we used priming sugar fora 5 gal batch.

It’s been nearly a week. No bottle bombs yet…but I’m a little worried about over carbonation.


that little amount over will have no bottle bombs thou they will be a little fizzy. cheers

Some numbers as to how much sugar that you used and the temp of the beer so that someone can make a more educated response would be helpful.

example, using NB’s priming calculator. If the beer is 65* and we are shooing for 2.5 volumes in 5 gallons, 4.31oz of corn sugar would be used.

If 4.31oz of corn sugar was added to 4 gallons of 65* beer, 2.905 volumes would be achieved.

If I’m thinking right, when we look at a kegging carbonation chart

, 2.9v @ 65* is off the chart. So a guesstimate would be pushing 50PSI’s? And I don’t think the bottles will handle that.

If you let them carbonate for a week, then put them in the fridge to finish carbonating, the PSI would be 15 @ 37*. When you open them, they may/will gush. But the bottles should hold up.

I might be completely off base with this theory. As soda is carbonated at higher levels and the bottles don’t break. :oops:

If you keep them out of the fridge, I would put them in a picnic cooler or Rubbermaid type container to contain any bombs. Anything with a lid.

The rule of thumb for normal 12oz bottles is that the safe upper limit is 3 volumes of CO2. Unless you have some mishandled bottles, you will probably have gushers but you should be reasonably safe from bottle bombs. I bottle-carb my weizens to 3 volumes regularly, and I have yet to get a bottle bomb.

It was just over 4 gallons at around 65 degrees.

3/4 cups NB priming sugar dissolved in 2 cups water.

Experience tells me they won’t blow up but will be way too fizzy - and if it’s a bitter beer, that may make it taste way too bitter.

I’ve had some success opening all of the bottles and recapping to let off some carb. Just be sure to watch your sterile technique.

It’s a batch of the Innkeeper.