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Too much head space in secondary?

So I just moved my California Common over to the secondary after one week in the primary. The instructions say it should sit here for another 4 weeks, but due to poor water management I seem to only have about 3 1/2 gallons now.

The attached picture shows how much space is left in the carboy and there seems to be no movement of the airlock so I’m concerned there won’t be enough activity to push the oxygen out of the bottle and if it sits like that for another 4 weeks it will taste stale.

Is this a legit concern? If so, do I pitch a little more yeast to activate it again?


it can be a concern, because there’s a lot of room for oxygen, but 4 weeks seems like a long time. did you end up short on volume due to boil off? if so, what was your gravity? or are you short on volume because of spillage? if your sanitation was good, it should be fine, but room for air can be a concern because air can harbor all sorts of other things. next time i would skip the secondary all together, and let it sit in the primary for 3-4 weeks.

secondary fermentation isn’t actually fermentation, so i would not add more yeast

all in all. relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew. racking to a secondary should have caused the beer to release some co2, creating a co2 layer over the wort. it SHOULD be fine. if the gravity is stable after a couple weeks, i would bottle it up

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