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Too much alcohol?!?!?

I know i should calculate SG and FG. but when i started brewing i didnt make a habbit of it. I was happy as long as my beer taste good. Now, by beer does taste good, but i can tell there is too much alcohol. 2 beers and ur pretty buzzed.

Anyone have any suggestions? I know i could measure, but all that is going to do is affirm what i already know… high abv.

Could be high alcohol…or fusel alcohols.

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This is really too vague to assist in any way. For some 6% may be too much; for others 10+% may be too much.

If you don’t want high ABV brews then stay away from styles that typically call for high ABV- DIPA, RIS, barleywine, etc.

A quick and simple way to tell if a beer is high ABV is its targeted gravity. For example, a beer with an OG of 1.045 will have approximately 4.5%; 1.060 will be around 6%. It’s a rough figure but gives you an idea.

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I guess my suggestion would be to just stick to one… can you post your recipe?

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Just add more water. That’s what Inbev does. :smiley:


Only thing i could say stay away from the high gravity beers. I do like to brew beers. With a grav of 1.075 1.060. So my. Brew . Will be around. 6.5 % while for my wife and daughter. 1.055. So about. 4.5 to 5.0%

A hydrometer is a absolute “must have” brewing tool. You will not know how you lives without one. That said, a lot of things may contribute to the 2 beer buzz. Empty stomach and how fast you downed them come to mind. I also noticed that your mind set changes things. Worked all week and got home to have a couple on Friday and that relaxed “thank you” feeling get is great.

Posting the recipe would be helpful though.

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I posted a simple calculation a while ago that could estimate what your gravity could be from knowing your weight of the grain bill, and the volume of water you’ll finish with… That will give you a very close idea… I don’t know how to find that, so you’ll have to find it, if you are curious… Sneezles61

You are such a tease :slight_smile:

Given that efficiency and volume are generally constant for each person, the equation should be:

weight of grain in pounds * that magical constant

(hint, see edit 1)

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Yes, and I used 80%… Maybe too high expectation? Sneezles61

So what does one of your recipes look like?
Do you, and if so, how do you control temps during fermentation?

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