Too Long in the Carboy?

Got a brew in the Carboy… Been in my closet for 22 months… Should I bottle it?

How does it look and smell? Hard to believe it won’t be oxidized…

How does it taste? Did the airlock dry up?


And how the heck do you forget a batch for two years lol. I would definitely do a taste test first to see if its drinkable before you waste your time and energy bottling. What kind of beer is it, do you remember?

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I’ve got a beer that’s been in a carboy since mid 2013. As long as it isn’t sitting on a lot of trüb and the airlock stays full, it might be ok. Definitely reyeast if you decide to bottle.


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Yeah, I recently kegged a oud bruin that I basically forgot about. I thought it was at 1 year, looked back at my notes and realized it was over two years in the carboy. All I did was top off the airlock occasionally.