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Too late to plant?

So I decided to start my hop plants next year since i have a lot of new things in the garden and i want to give those all my attention
lately all i can think of is harvesting my own hops and i cant wait
Im regretting not starting my hops this season.
would it be too late to plant some now just so the roots will develop a bit and give me a jumpstart on next year.
i wouldnt be expecting any cones this year with such a late start date, but would this make any difference? or should i just suck it up and wait til next spring?

Are you able to even get your hands on any Rhizomes this time of year?

Due to squirrels digging up a few of my Cascade plants, I just put in some new rhizomes on 6/21/12. I’m not expecting any yield from these, rather just to establish strong root growth for next year.

If you can get a hold of some rhizomes I’d get em in the ground. They still have a solid 4 months to grow and get some roots established, plus those roots will continue to grow until the soil freezes which will give you a great start for next year. Pretty much like a second year hop crown. Go for it.

I’d wait until next spring. The rhizomes you’d get will be fresher and you’ll likely have better success with them down the road. I’m guessing that your more likely to see negative consequences by planting this late than just waiting.

Not to late at all! Don’t expect a lot/any hops this year but your roots will get a head start and take off earlier and stronger next spring. I just planted some cuttings that I took and they are taking great. I’d check out, it’s a little more expensive but you’ll get a strong year old plant. You’d probably have issues finding rhizomes this time of year so they’re your best bet.

I planted some hops last 4th of July and they’re a nice little bush this year. Nothing awesome, but better than first year for sure. Throw some in there, man!

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