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Too hot for fermentation?

I’ve got my first batch in the fermentor. This is its fourth day and all seems to be going well. The temperature in room has been between 65 to 74 degrees. This coming weekend predicts possible highs in the 80’s for a couple of days, a bit unusual for this time of year in the NW. I have neither air conditioning or a basement. Is this liable to harm my beer? Any suggestions for cooling? Thanks.

Depends on the style of beer and yeast used. 65F is good for most ales, but 74F would be too hot for most. If your house got up to 74F, your beer was most likely close to 80F, which is WAY too high for most yeasts.

You only really need to be concerned with temps for the first few days of fermentation. If you’re already 4 days in. This weekend shouldn’t be a big concern. In the future you want to keep your temps well below 70F… somewhere closer to 60F for at least the first 4-5days of fermentation. After that, it’s not a huge deal, but keeping them at a constant temp is also a good idea.

Do a search on swamp coolers or if you can swing it, get a minifridge and temp controller.

Google “swamp cooler”

It will help you easily and inexpensively maintain proper fermentation temps.

A wet shirt and a fan will drop the beer temp a few degrees. Submersing the carboy in a tub of cold water can get you upwards of 10-15 degrees lower. Using frozen water bottles can get you down into lagering temps but you have to constantly change out frozen bottles.

Thanks for replies. It’s a brown ale. I think I’ll use the swamp cooler method to get through this weekend and look to a mini-fridge for the future.

You may be able to pick up a cooler at a yard sale. It’s not that much work to change out ice bottles. ... hiller.pdf

But a fridge and temp controller are nice when you can find one in your budget.

Pain in the arse for brewing, but I’m hoping it will get my glacier rhizome going. I’ve already got three shoots from the golding.

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