Too hot during fermentation?

I went out of town about 4 days after brewing and the house got up to 76-77degrees. There was slow and steady bubbling going before I left but when I came home there was a ton of krausen at the top of the carboy and some beer got into the airlock. I washed and re-sterilized the airlock. Wondering whether the higher house temp caused the yeast to go nuts and assuming the answer is yes, will that cause any off flavors in the beer? Yeast is white labs burton ale yeast wlp023

Yes, and probably. Let her sit for a couple weeks before packaging, and hope there won’t be a lot of off-flavors. Good luck.

If the house was at 76-77, the fermentation/beer was likely in the low 80’s. Yes, too warm. Swamp cooler next time, or at a minimum put the fermenter in a cool area in a water bath. Harder for the yeast to move the temp higher.

Ok thanks for the feedback. Boo