HELLO NB, I’m new here but I have brewed probably 15 batches and I have recently ran into a new issue. I have been working on a light, bold summer brew and ran into an original gravity reading of 1.110 ish well over 10% almost at 15 and I have no idea why. Recipe was as follows

2lb Pilsen grain
6lb DME Briees
1lb Rice Solids
2oz German Mag - 60 min
1oz Fuggle - 30 min
tpsn Irish Moss - 15 min
1oz Fuggle - 0 min

I used 1650 WYEAST the day I brewed and another packet two days later. I was trying this to see what would happen and didn’t expect the original gravity to be at a wine level. The beer fermented like crazy for 6 days then almost immediately stopped. Let sit for a couple of days. Racked to a secondary and let set for a week. Took another gravity reading and it was 1.010 so I bottled yesterday. The beer from the wine siv is amazing but is the alcohol going to be at almost 12-15 or is it also reading all the sediment in the wort. I start with about 4 gallons and don’t use a bag for the hops I just throw them into the wort so the flavor keeps going into the fermentation. Any knowledge on this I would really appreciate. Once again I’m happy to be here.

I would assume you are using Extract with a partial boil? The answer to this is you didnt mix it enough so you got a bad reading.

I poured the wort (about 2.5 gallons) into the carboy, and added water to the 5 gal mark. When I do this I get foam into my funnel it gets so high. I would assume this is mixing it enough? Before I add the yeast I give it all a good swirl just to make sure. I didn’t realize it would make such a big difference. Also I do the same with every batch I make and I have never gotten anything this high.

Sounds like you pulled a concentrated sample. Concentrated wort and water don’t mix easily. They tend to stratify. Most likely the og is what you predicted it was. The fermentation churning gets it all mixed so it’s all good you made the beer you thought you made it didn’t magically become 14 '/. Abv.

Pilz malt needs to be mashed to contribute much it’s not really a steeping grain. Just a heads up don’t know how it was used in your recipe but it has to be converted. :cheers:

I don’t see those items making a beer with that high of an OG. More like 1.065 if you achieved 65% efficiency in mashing the Pilsen.

Must be a mixing issue or your volume is less than you think it is.