Too Cool?

When I pitched the yeast on my last couple of batches I felt like the wort was still a little warm.
I had very fast fermentation with krausen rising and falling quickly. Everything was still drinkable but for the most recent batch (Sierra Madre PA) I got a terrific immersion chiller, I have a swamp cooler and everything went well thru the boil and transferring to big mouth. I pitched the yeast (SA 05) in the low/mid 60’s and things have stayed in that range. Problem is no krausen after 24 hours, zero. Maybe a tiny island of bubbles but no real activity. I’ve wondering if the yeast was dead. In frig for 6 months.

Should I add more of the yeast? I’ve got a fresh packet.


I’d just wait I’m sure you will have a krausen by morning.

IME starting and fermenting in the mid 60’s has been a major step for me for improved beer. Sometimes I will let the temp rise but only after initial stages like 24-48 hrs. are over and most of the batch is finished. But even after that it still takes 2-3 wks to totally finish. Hydrometer will tell you so.
You will probably find that your initial activity will be slower from now on too. A lot depends on the yeast strain. If you don’t have one yet, get a tape on thermometer for your bucket or carboy, and that should tell you what the actual batch temp is. Dry yeast lasts long time in the frig. Liquid will have best used by dates on them and they all should be refrigerated. I find patience is a good thing when brewing, I found out the hard way, good luck.

Low to mid 60’s is fine for US-05. I usually pitch it at 58. Sometimes it starts within 6 to 8 hours and sometimes it takes 12-24. Once it took about 36 hours. I have no idea why the difference in time, but each time the beer was very good.

Thanks for the reassurance
Guess what greeted me this morning?

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No worries mate! You’re on your way.

I’ve stepped my swamp cooler up a notch with this insulation over the ice chest and wondered if a fermometer reading of 56 is still ok. In my efforts to keep things cooler I hope I’m not over doing it.

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I usually pitch US-05 at 58 then let it slowly come up to 62 over the first 3 days after fermentation starts. After 4 or 5 days I pull the carboy from my water bath and let them go to ambient, which in my basement is usually about 64.

I haven’t tried it at 56, but I’ve heard of people using it that low.

05 will throw some fruity esters at that temp, and I really like that in a pale ale or something like the faux kolsch that I brewed a few months ago. I wouldn’t worry at all.