Today one year brewing beer

want to thank everyone on this forum for the good info. to make my brewing adventure a cool journey .did learn lots came a long way from my friend and i first brew. but still learning lots it like being in search of the holy grail cheers you all


Congratulations on your first Brewing Anniversary! The biggest thing I have learned from the past 5 years of this hobby is there is always more you can learn and ways to improve if you’re willing to put in the time.


Congratulations on the brewversary! How many batches in the year?

yes everytime learn new things it fun to improve the beers you brew.

did look it up in my beer journal we did 27 batches and every time improve more.

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yes the good thing about my work meet lots of tourist and turns out some of them are brewers as well.its cool to pick their brains .some got ideas i do use now in my brewing event .we still learn lots .

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