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Toasting Malts

I want to toast 2 1/2 lbs of 2 row for a IPA recipe. I only want it a couple of degrees higher on the Lovibond scale compared to the rest of the base malt. How long should I toast the malt and at what temp?

Randy Mosher in Radical Brewing has a nice chart for this and quite a few good tips. Sounds like you want just a slight change. He suggests 20 minutes at 250 deg. to change 2-row to about 10L – slightly nutty, but not toasty. It works better if you are using whole, uncrushed grain, just because it roasts more evenly. His caveat is to remember that kilned grain brews darker than it looks. So, if you’re looking for less than 10 L grain, start checking for color at about 10 minutes, or so. The other thing he suggests is to do this a couple weeks ahead of time because it needs that to mellow out and avoid harsh, burnt stuff in flavor and aromas. Although, as light as you seem to want to do this, and the small amount involved, it may only take a week to mellow out.

This is easy to do at home, and Mosher has lots more tips. If you have the book, check out pg. 224-225 for the complete story.



Thanks for the info…my recipe calls for 10 lb of two row and 2 1/2 lbs of brewer’s malt. My local brew shop informed me that the only difference is that brewer’s malt is slightly darker by a couple of degrees on the Lovibond scale than the two row base malt. Thanks again!!!

Don’t know what kind of 2 row you’re using, but remember that British 2 row (Maris) is about .5L darker than American 2 row. What’s your recipe planned for? You may want to check out the recipe SRM with both American and British 2 row numbers and see what’s closest before you do any roasting! Just a thought!


the latest zymurgy , i think it is , has an article on it. if you don’t get the mag go to

I’m using Canadian 2 Row, its at 2.0 - 3.0 SRM. Got the latest zymurgy mag, I will definitely check out the article…thanks!

Oh…I’m making a Centennial IPA by the way. I may toasted only a half pound or so. Haven’t decided yet…Happy Brewing!

i lied, its in the BYO mag but you may still check it out online, it could be there too.

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