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To warm climate

So me live on bonaire. Normaly. Use ice to cool the wort down. Got a wortchiller. But dont use it. Because the water from the faucit way to warm. Now thinking. If i put my wortchiller in a ice bath. And run my wort true the wortchiller by pump. And into my fermentor. Saves my back liffting and a chance to burn my self. So question. This is possible. Or diameter. Pipe wortchiller to small

No reason it would not work. It’s the same principle as a counter flow, sort of. The hot wort flows through tubing being cooled by water. You can regulate the flow by restricting it after the pump to slow it down so there is longer contact with the chiller.

Another idea along the same lines is to get or make a second immersion chiller and run the tap water through it in an ice bath before it goes though the one in the kettle.

I have the same problem in the winter when we are in Florida. The ground water temp is around 75°F but only do 5 gallons there so the old kettle in the sink ice water bath works.

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Was thinking same thing

I have run tap water through an IC in ice water then through my CF to get the water cooler. You will be surprised how fast the ice melts so have lots on hand.

I would think a double IC system may be a solution…isn’t a jockey box, an aluminum plate laid on the floor of a cooler, then ice over it how that set up works? Then the tubing running to your wort IC… You could get enough potential? Sneezles61
Micro matic has the answer… aluminum plate versus coil… Coil won out…

This is what I do here in Florida also. Ground water hangs near 80*, as the low the other night was 86*.

Works pretty well. My only complaint is I still generate a lot of water and have to lift/carry it to whatever recycling solution I’m trying…bathtub, swimming pool, watering plants etc.

I’m slowly coming around to trying some sort of pump to recirculate the ice water also.


I measured the temps of the water entering and leaving an immersion cooler and found that the water leaving does not ever reach the temp of the liquid it’s immersed in.

My simplistic solution is to add ice to a small amount of water in a cooler and pump the ice water directly through the immersion chiller and back to the cooler.

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