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To rack second time

First Brew of cream ale in bucket. I researched this and on older forums their is definitely different opinions. What is the current recommendation for racking the second time for a first time brew.If the advice would be to just let in primary fermenter how long should I do this ?

I would say the majority concensus on this forum is that a secondary is not essential unless making later additions like dry hops or fruit.

The best answer on how long to leave it in the primary would be until it is finished - check gravity.

But in practice 3-4 weeks usually works fine. Anything less and you should definately take gravity readings to make sure it is finished for sure - could be done as early as 2 weeks.

I just brewed this same kit as my second brew. I checked a gravity Sunday night after 15 days in primary and it had gone down from 1.043 to 1.010, so I went ahead and stuck the bucket in the fridge to cold crash for a few days. The sample was pretty tasty. By the way, I never got any bubbles in my airlock with this fermentation and everything seems to have worked out great. Hope this helps some.

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