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To Freeze or To Refrigerate, That is the question

Is it better to freeze or refrigerate hops after opening them? I am looking to purchase a mini fridge to store my bottled home brews, but was wondering if I should buy a separate freezer for storing opened packages of hops, or if I should just buy a bigger fridge to store my home brews and hops in.

Freezing is best. Many mini fridges have a freezer compartment, if you’re not storing a huge volume of hops.

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The best way to store hops is in a freezer. After a package has been opened vacuumed sealed will keep them fresh much longer. Food Saver does have opened box sales and the really cheap “not do everything for you” sealers on their web site for rather good prices. Buy the sealer rolls from Commercial Kitchens for really great prices.

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I use a mason jar vacuum sealer for my bulk hop purchases :grinning:

Buy bulk, break them down to approximately what you use per session . Sneezles61

I do buy hops in bulk. Messure them in in 2. Onz bags. And use a vacume seal machine. And do put them in the freezer

I make the vacuum seal bags extra big for my hops. When I cut them open to take out what I need for a recipe there’s still enough clean bag material left over to reseal the bag. It just gets about an inch shorter whenever I brew.

I also buy DME in bulk, when I get a new bag, I split it into vacuum-sealed bags pre-measured for a 1l yeast starter. Not quite as convenient as the Perfect Pitch stuff, but pretty near, and much longer shelf life.


I like your thinking there, about the DME trick! Sneezles61

I also seal extra big. Especially for loaves of bread.

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