To Filter or Not to Filter

So I was wondering what other people thought about filtering their beers. I personally do not filter my beer as I find that my beer appears pretty damn clear. I usually carbonate, wait a few days, pour a half pint and toss it, then begin consuming as usual and I think my beer is pretty good looking.


I added gelatin to my last two batches for the first time. To tell you the truth, I am not sure that I see a big difference.

Your beer has to have an active chill haze for gelatin to do anything (usually below 40F). I pretty much gel every batch and it gets very clear. I think it’s mostly a presentation issue more than anything else.

I’m thinking about filtering, but first I’m going to see if I can fine tune my procedure. I’ve just started kegging. My first keg (Wyest 1272) was crystal clear within a week. My 2nd and 3rd (Wyeast 1028) are not. Even worse, I’ve noticed that after drinking from kegs 2 and 3 that I have terrible gas–presumably from yeast consumption.