To bottle or not?

Brewing 1 gallon of Caribou Slobber using a NB 1 gallon kit. Wanted to use Clarity Ferm to reduce gluten proteins. Forgot to add it until after 24 hours of fermentation. Adding it resulted in fermentation blowout over next 24 hours, then died down. Now only 4 days in there are NO bubbles. My question: What to do now? Bottle, wait, or start over and try again?

Thanks beer geniuses!
Mike H.

I would wait for about another 2 weeks and bottle. This will give the yeast time to clean up after their party.

Thanks Loopie

No prob. The thing about these 1 gal kits is you are going to get lots of blow off which equals loss of beer. Watch you ferm temps as this will help. If you can find something like a 2 gal fermenter use that.
Or, move up to 5 gal and use a 6 -6.5 gal fermenter and you don’t ave to worry as much to loss of blow off.

They really should sell the 1 gallon kits with the 2 gallon buckets, not the 1 gallon carboys. There’s just not enough head space in those.

Totally agree!! I am new to this and learning lots with the 1 gallon kits but they always blow out and cause a mess. Last brew I put the carboy in a basin and covered it with a garbage bag. I had a mess for about a day and then everything stopped (Caribou Slobber). It’s been there about 2 weeks now so I may bottle tomorrow.