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Tiny batches?

I would like to experiment with a lot of different grains and malts, and I would like to create a bunch of very tiny batches (1 or 2 bottles worth). Basically, I want to test all kinds of different combinations and get a good strong understanding of the characteristics and flavor of each ingredient. And how they blend together, but I don’t want to waste a lot of money and time on larger batches.

Can I just scale down? I would think there would be some problems with filtering, because there’s not enough husks to do a decent mash.

Are there any suggestions? Anyone ever tried something like this?

Not sure if this applies to 1 to 2 bottles, but a previous poster uses this margarita bucket for starter mashes. You could likely make 1/2 gallon batches for 3-5 beers???


While not using this method, I regularly make starters from 1 lb of leftover base (biab in a 2 gallon pot)…freeze some and use a 1 gallon jug for starters. It would basically be the same thing with the addition of hops and yeast. Personally i think the biggest issue you will have is pitching the appropriate cell count of yeast for such small batch.

Not sure how you could properly sanitize dishes to parcel off a packet of dried yeast…being they’d stick to the no-rinse sanitizer.


Sounds like a lot of work for only 1 or 2 beers. You still have to mash, boil, ferment, wait, etc. What you can do is steep grains by themselves to make kind of a tea. That will give you an idea of what a certain grain tastes like. And for hops, I would make 5 gallons of something very simple. Maybe some 2-row and a little crystal. Add a 60min bittering addition of a clean neutral hop like magnum. After it’s done fermenting split the batch into 5 or 10 smaller containers (1 or 1/2 gallon in each) and dry hop each with a different hop.

Man. Sometimes it takes a few beers to properly form an opinion. 1 or 2 beers doesn’t seem worth it. I bought a 2 gallon bucket to do experimental starter batches. I end up with about 12 grolsch bottles worth and a good supply of yeast! Yay!

Do it if you’re bent on trying it. But I agree with some of the other comments above…that basically, its just a waste of time.

I do two gallon BIAB for these experimental reasons.


Just brew more beer and give away what you can’t drink (if you are bottling, get those bottles back - clean). That way its a win for everyone.


Just brew more beer and give away what you can’t drink (if you are bottling, get those bottles back - clean). That way its a win for everyone.[/quote]

Man, ain’t that always the hard part. I keep telling friends I simply don’t want the bottles back if they’ve left em in their garage for days!!!

Simple! If you don’t send the bottles back clean, no more free beer for you!

i believe that is the 3d commandment.


My Easy Stovetop Allgrain procedure is here.


Mash enough for a couple gallons of a base beer (two row only) and separate it into several smaller batches adding different steeping grains to each.

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