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OK so I started a pear tincture and I am going to add it to the bottling bucket until I get the flavor that I want. Because I am adding something with sugar do I need to adjust the amount of honey I am using as my primer. I do not want any blowouts. I will be using 3 tablespoons of honey for my one gallon batch. (I only did a one gallon to try it out) Thanks again for your insight

The sugar content of pears is about 10% if fully ripe, of which you will extract some small amount with the tincture. Honey is about 80% sugar. If you weigh how much pear you are using, you can do a calculation that will give you the maximum amount of sugar that might get into the beer with the tincture and reduce the honey by a suitable amount. But it is pretty unlikely that you’ll get enough to produce bottle bombs.

That was my thought also but I thought I would throw the question out there. Thanks for the input.

I’d be curious to know how this turns out. I love a good perry (though one needs to be careful with sorbitol to avoid another kind of blowout altogether), but haven’t tried getting the flavor into beer.

I think you are making the right move not FERMENTING the pears, as it could wind up with a cidery taste.

I will post a reply as to how much of the tincture I used as well as how it came out.

Yea I did not want a cider so I talked with a brewer at my local brew supply store and he suggested the tincture. He does them with chilli peppers.

I hope it is good cuz my wife is not a fan of beer per say, she likes the flavored kind. LOL

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