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Tinctures Question?

Hello I am using 80 proof rum to make a pumpkin spice extract. So basically is it ok to use Rum for making this Tintures?

Shouldn’t be a problem, I’ve done it in the past. Rum may or may not enhance the flavors as much, but if you’re using spiced rum then it adds its own flavors anyways. 80 proof is 80 proof, it will sanitize all the same. It worked well for me when I soaked some raisins and cinnamon in rum for an oatmeal cookie stout.

I am using just plain Bacardi rum for the pumpkin spice tinture

Me do use. Cheap whisky. Soak 10 days. Than do add everything to the fermentor. Gives a light whisky taste but not overwhelming

Use plain vodka if you want a “clean” tincture with no added flavors. Although if you’re doing 5 gallons, a small tincture done with any spirit is not likely to add unwanted flavor. Personally, I prefer a bourbon tincture if I’m using it in a stout or porter, and use vodka any other time.



It’ll be fine with light rum, as long as you don’t use that drain cleaner with lemon flavoring added to it. Although with a pumpkin spice blend, I’d be tempted to use a nice aged Jamaican rum or something with a little more character.

I like the rum idea. Do it.

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