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Tinctue of iodine

Why don’t brew supply companies sell tincture of iodine. Is there another way to check for strarch conversion?

You can buy iodine at any drugstore but the iodine starch conversion test is something you can skip, IMO. Applying some hot water and a bit of time to crushed modern malt will convert the starches with little worry. :cheers:

Thanks for the feedback. How do I activate the spell check?

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In addition to time and temperature, pH is important to getting full conversion of the starches. Fortunately, the effective pH range is fairly wide (5.0-5. 8) .

Spell check will be somewhere in your browser and/or OS settings.

If you use Iodophor for sanitizer you can use it to check for conversion.

I don’t know of a spell check function within the board, Firefox has spell check though.

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