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Time to make the doughnuts

I’m running out of beer!!

I’ve been stuck in the house. First it was the covid. It delayed my home remodeling and I’ve had my brewing stuff stuck in the garage with most of my furniture for the past two months. Yesterday I finished the new floors after painting, new entry door, removed the 30 yr old popcorn ceilings and new roof. Now it’s moving time.

I’ve got about 18 beers left (my Copper Ale). I’ve got 10lbs of sinagua malt whole grains burning a hole in my pocket. I need to get this remodeling done!

It’s time to make the doughnuts or in my case the :beer: :beer:. Looking forward to making a smAZh using the AZ grown sinagua malt and a locally grown hops from southern AZ and Omega Hothead kveik yeast.

Now back to unpacking the garage.


That’s a lot going on.

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No way a few brews would last that long here… Er I mean doughnuts… Your will is strong!
I thought houses were concrete and plaster down there? :roll_eyes:

My house is a block home with stucco finish and the Spanish tile roof. Some of the older homes are plaster inside, but mine is sheetrock.
Yeah 18 (now 16) aren’t going to last long. I’ve been augmenting it with some of the store bought Leinenkugel Summer Shandy my wife enjoys.
I will survive this shortage!! Brew day is coming soon.

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