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Time to Celebrate

Hey all. Been brewing a year now and things are improving patch after patch. Want to brew a Christmas / winter ale and came across some old posts about Siera Nevada Celebration Ale. It’s just what I was looking for but the only problem is that I have not made the leap to all grain.

Anyone have an extract version of this clone or a suggestion as to what type of LME or DME to use. I would assume doing this clone with extract would require steeping specialty grains as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and brew on.

It’s 2 row right? Pale LME or light DME would work. Just use enough to get the OG you want and steep the carapils for mouth feel and head retention.

Yup, use the same amount of specialty grains and add enough light dme or lme to reach the intended gravity.

I brewed a Celebration clone a few years back and absolutely loved it. Danky, malty, and a ice cream float type head.

That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure. Thanks for the help.

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