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Time to Brew

We have our starter kit rollin an Am. Wheat on the kettle NOW!

Nice! Keep us posted…love me a Friday night brew session. Especially when it’s too cold to do anything outdoors. I’ll be brewing Jamil’s Evil Twin early Sunday morning. I love waking up the wife to blaring ACDC and hop smells!

Hell, We are in Canon City CO, we just took an OG reading of 1.040, sipping the WORT afterward… We Brewed outdoors had a rolling 2.5~3 gallon boil… almost to temp for pitching now…

Ok your dealing w/green brewer, I should say that the 'Corrected OG is 1.042 or about 5.5% abv

I usually enjoy some AC/DC but rarely too early…lol

Now the aroma of the hops when we added each pkg was so magnified in the cool evening air I thought I was in Hop heaven. Cooling will be easier when I make a chiller but we got it down quickly enough, We have Kraeusen, way happy fermometer and a bubbling air-lock. Making for a happy novice brewer!

Congrats, sounds like you did a good job! There’s no looking back now . . .

So sweet! I just placed our 2nd order @ NB for the AK47 Pale Mild, 2 hydrometers (I broke the one that came in the kit), & some universal PH test strips…the Service and PERKS make this Our ‘go-to’ source!

…And your hooked.

Congratulations on adopting the best hobby ever!
And it’s never to early for rock.

Our “Friday the 13th Wheat” beer is very tasty, but I must say its not quite ‘fizzy’ enough yet. I put 2 more in the fridge tonite, we will open them on Sunday, maybe 3 weeks bottle conditioning is needed, I have been told to “wait for it!”. In a week we can begin some sampling…

[quote="TeamTuna06Especially when it’s too cold to do anything outdoors. [/quote]
OH BS :slight_smile: … today in Columbus I was mashing in with a weather temp of 25*! The last 2 times I brewed, once in January and now in February were the 2 coldest days of the year. Now I know that don’t mean much but its been 45-50 degrees all winter. Just pickin’ the wrong time to brew I guess!

I do enjoy the outdoor brew sessions any time of day & any weather, I’m not scared, I’m a happy novice Brewer since trying our beer today!

We have set aside a 6r of our inaugural beer (American Wheat Beer) which was only modified by the priming sugar substituted with Colorado Honey, I have a modification to make it ours that includes the addition of 1 pound of Colorado Honey to the boil, possible hops modification, that being moving toward ONLY German Hops. And if the German theme holds, we will change the yeast as well, giving us ‘Our own recipe’! to continue with this April 13th…

We have a 2nd version of the Friday the 13th Wheat™ brewed 4-13-2012 at our new digs, we added 24oz of raw unfiltered COLORADO honey to our boil @ FO this will surly be a hit!

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