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Time to bottle

so i started some cider on 5/4/12, 3 gallons or organic apple juice(pure juice), OG1.050, with danstar ale yeast. once the fermentation stopped i let it chill in prime for two weeks. i then transferred it over and going to let it sit for about 1-3 more weeks.
my question is what should i do next. i was thinking about doing ~1.5 non carb and ~1.5 carb. is there a link that i do calculations for carbing? and what should i use to carb with.

Is the acid level where you want it?

Are you planning on allowing to clear?

As far as bottle carbing goes, you have several options. Cane sugar works well, but brown sugar, corn sugar, or honey can be used. Just punch your desired vol of co2 into a priming calc.

i havent check the ph of it yet just been letting it sit and yea it cleared up already.

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