Time to bottle/ filter

So here it is , time to bottle my orange zested kolsch (in the Am) so I went and picked up a small hop bag. I want to filter through it to my bottling bucket… What’s the concences on the best procedure for this? I’ve read several different things on the past 6 months, but don’t truly remember… What ya got guys???

A bag over the intake of a siphon may clog rather easy if it is tight fitting. On the other hand a bag that is loose may stir up a lot of the trub when you near the bottom of the carboy. I use a small bag on the outflow of the siphon inside the bottling bucket when racking a dry hopped beer. It slows the siphoning process a bit but a few extra minutes to have clear beer in the bottle isn’t a problem to me.

Picture of the set up in this thread.