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Time for something a little different

So I am gearing up for a Xmas beer. I know there are a lot of spice type ales out there, but I was thinking more along the lines of a pepermint beer. Need some input on imparting that flavor.

I was going to get pure pepermint extract but I am undecided on when to add. Obvious choices would be… near flame out, secondary, or bottling. Maybe even a combination of the two or even all three.

What would you salty dawgs (Go Browns!!) out there have to say?

you may also want to think about dried mint as an option to the extract. I’ve had a chocolate mint flavored beer before. I hated it, but different strokes for different folks ya know.

oh yea, the beer I tried used dried mint leaves for the flavoring, so I definitely know it works.

Boil or flame out?? For the dried mint.

I didn’t really get too much into it with the guy, because I do not care for the beers he makes. They aren’t that great in general, but he acts as if they should be medal winners in competitions.

Based on what you would what to get, I would assume the usage would be best at flameout. Or, you could also try a tincture of dried mint in vodka, OR just add to some boiled water to make a mint tea, then add to secondary.

I would not recommend mint in a beer. I haven’t tried it, but I don’t think mint goes very well with any sour or acidic beverage. (try brushing your teeth with mint toothpaste and then drinking a beer). Of course YMMV, but I would try some other spice first.

Thanks for the input guys very helpful.

As for the other spices what are some of your favorite ones to use in a xmas beer???

Here is a pretty good ale that I have tried and liked from a local craft brewery in Asheville, NC that would be perfect around the holidays. I have e-mailed the brewery to see if they will divulge the recipe. If so, I will share here.

Antebellum Ale: An 1840s American Ale

An 1840′s American recipe using water, yeast, molasses, ginger and spruce tips. The ingredients from the historical drink have been adapted into a flavorful modern day beer incorporating malt and hops. ABV 5.0%

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