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Time For Beer To Get Clear

I boiled a 5gallon batch of NB Cream Ale (I ran the wort through a strainer) (I also boiled and let it sit over night before pitching yeast) (yeast pitched at 78 degrees) and let it sit in primary fermentor (6.5gal) bucket for a week. I racked it today to secondary fermenter, I noticed it was extremely cloudy. Should my beer be starting to clear up by now. If not how long should it be before I see results. What can I do to enhance clarity i.e… additives. Please help.
By Cloudy I mean it looks like it apple cider

Clarity should be the least of your concerns. To prevent off-flavors, most American and English yeast strains should be pitched when the wort is in the low 60’s. It’s OK to let the beer rise into the upper 60’s naturally after a few days, but keeping temp in the right range (low-mid 60’s) for the first few days is highly recommended.

Regarding clarity, it just takes time. There are fining agents (gelatin, Biofine Clear, etc.) that can be used to drop out some of the haze producing components. Cold storage and time are the most effective tools for producing clear beer.

Edit: don’t panic that your beer is not clear after only a week. You still have a lot of yeast in suspension. Let it sit for a couple more weeks before bottling and a lot of the yeast should floc, although it will likely still appear quite hazy.

+1 to the advice

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