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Time between fermentation and bottling

So my first batch of red irish ale has been in the fermenting bucket a little over 3 weeks…and this is due to not having enough bottles to bottle all of the beer at the moment. What i wanted to know will the beer be alright to sit in the fermentation bucket a little longer while i gather enough bottles? common sense tell me yes but i wanted to verify with people with more experience. :cheers:

Should be ok, I have never had a problem up to 6 weeks( never went past 6)

I never bottle before three weeks. I have bulk aged in the primary for two months.

Have a blow off tube ready to set up.

What’s the blow off tube for?

If you’re short on bottles, get some 1L and 2L PET bottles from the grocery store - I like to use the generic club soda bottles. Fill them to about an inch from the top, then squeeze the sides to push the beer up to the lip and screw on the top. As the beer carbonates, the bottle will slowly return to its normal shape and will eventually build pressure to the point that you won’t feel any give when you squeeze it - beer is ready to drink! Even if you only fill one PET, you’ll have an easy way to judge carbonation for the rest of the batch.

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