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Tiered burners

I just bought two tier burner setup but not sure if it will work for brewing. It has the jet burner on the bottom and the regular burner above. Not sure how to get the MT in the setup. It was a good deal so I grabbed it.

I got some information from another forum. Looks like I will probably modify the stand with another shelf and a pump. Put one of my pots on the upper shelf and heat strike water. Then pump water to the cooler/tun. From there gravity feed to my Brew pot or pots if doing a double. I was thinking of doing brew in a bag on the upper shelf and then draining the pot instead of lifting the bag but not sure if that would save any work. Seems like biab only works with smaller batches.

Google BIABaskit, saw it, and thought…Mehbeeee. The price tho.


[quote=“The Fhunt”]Google BIABaskit, saw it, and thought…Mehbeeee. The price tho.


Cool concept. Never say never but yea…the price… :shock:

I think I will modify it with another shelf that is below the HLT for the mash and then that I can lift with some pivoting levered handles to a height that I can drain to my pots. No step ladder or pumps needed. I got the idea from the way my kicker motor for my old boat was dropped and raised. Basically an adjustable three tier.

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